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Rental lockers advertising 42 inch digital Charging Kiosk. Brand new high quality best sellers rental lockers advertising 42 inch digital player cell phone charging kiosk .

Model No.: SPA-9
Application: Shopping mall/Bar/Restaurant/Airport and other public places.
Usage:Iphone series, android phone and other micro USB phone.
Type: Electric
Warranty: 12 Months
Port: 3 x USB
LCD Display: 16:09

Outdoor high brightness transparent screen. Waterproof with AB glue coating Outdoor high brightness transparent screen.

A Pro Display Transparent LED Screen offers an effective and striking alternative to Large Format LED Screens. The image on the screen is created by programming LEDs to work together, and by displaying the relevant pixel colour on the mapped LEDs, the lights come together to create an image. This effect is especially powerful when integrated into a glass facade, allowing designers to offer a screen solution for retail buildings with a focus on glass architecture without detracting from the overall design.

Software & control system included

SPECIAL DECORATIVE ART Green pot and jug Fine art Still life Home deco Interior design Wall art Affordable painting. One of a Kind artwork. Ready to hang. Signed on the front. Mixed-media painting by Fabienne Monestier.

SPECIAL DECORATIVE ART Green pot and jug Fine art Still life Home deco Interior design Wall art Affordable painting.
One of a Kind artwork.
Ready to hang.
Signed on the front.
Mixed-media painting by Fabienne Monestier.

Acrylic Painting
US $1200.00

Michetti - Francavilla al mare - Italy - 01 - (n.478) (2019). Acrylic painting on Canvas. One of a Kind artwork. Ready to hang. Signed on the back. Acrylic painting by Alessio Mazzarulli

88,00 x 58,00 x 2,50 (cm)
This unique artwork is a acrylic painting on shredded paper on canvas. This is sold unframed, ready to hang with a hook on the back.
Signed and dated in back. Signed in front, if you want.
Different light sources can give different colours on the photos.

Oil painting on Canvas. One of a kind artwork. Ready to hang. Signed on the front. Oil painting by Valeri Tsvetkov

Oil on Canvas Painting, Original and Handmade Art, Certificate Attached by Valeri Tsvetkov, 25 x 35 cm / 9.8 x 13.8 inch.
- Ready for hanging, without external frame.
- HAND-PAINTED: All paintings in the store are hand-painted. They are NOT computerized or poster prints.
-QUALITY: Created using top quality paints and materials giving you the best quality oil paintings with textured, vibrant, and rich colors.

Materials Used:
oil, canvas, varnish

Acrylic painting on Canvas. One of a kind artwork Size: 101.6 x 76.2 x 2.54 cm (unframed) / 101.6 x 76.2 cm (actual image size) Ready to hang. Signed on the back. Acrylic painting by Loretta Kaltenhauser

This piece has multiple layers of acrylic and a glaze coating medium was brushed on top to enhance and protect the layers. The sides are painted black and my personal signature stamp is on the back of the painting.

Materials used: Acrylic and glaze on canvas

Acrylic painting on Canvas. One of a kind artwork. Ready to hang. Signed on the front.

This painting is an original one of a kind and forms part of a series of Autumnal themes celebrating beautiful magenta, plum and apricot tones. An original artwork, one of a kind, this painting has been created with high quality acrylic paints on deep edged canvas.

Materials Used:
High Quality Acrylic Paints

The flexible LED display is the poineer product in the market,real soft without gap,easy assemble,solid and stable,indoor and oudoor. With the unique and advanced structure design,the screen body will not be damaged while bending or curving.More reliability,as well asquality stability.

The special design allows Lithe series being ever-changing,no matter if you would want concave shape in a concert now,and cylinder LED display in a supermall tomorrow,even would provide a moved show for a stage 2 days later,it will be easily done by Lithe series flexible LED display.What you need is just tell us your thought.

Billboard & elevation lighting - Assymetrical LED floodlight. It is perfect solution for big-area illumination - billboards, elevations. Thanks to asymmetric housing and asymmetric lenses, the same surface is illuminated using less floodlights.

- Professional LED flood light recommended to indoor and outdoor big areas illumination
- Product dedicated especially to large scale billboards and advertisements
- Perfect energy-efficient replacement for traditional flood lights
- High-efficient, branded CREE LEDs
- Built-in power supply with high power factor
- Special designed housing construction and lenses with asymmetric beam angle 60x150 degrees allow to reach equal and precise illumination of exposed area
- High dustproof and waterproof protection grade (IP65)
- High impact protection class (IK08)
- Long lifespan

LED Stadium Light
US $500.00

Uses an independent light source and ZAG lens technology, compared with similar products, the light efficiency is increased by 8%, and light transmittance reaches 98%. Adopts air duct heat dissipation technology, overall weight is reduced and good heat dissipation performance, reduces luminous depreciation and prolongs the life of the light source. Adopts the mainstream CHEM modular design, effectively reduces maintenance costs for long service. Sturdy and durable, long working life, reaching 50,000 hours; does not need frequent light fixture changes, does not need regular maintenance. Quick response, flicker free, wide voltage working range. The LEDs use polycrystalline packaging, high luminous efficiency, stable performance, low luminous depreciation, no damage LED. Suitable for factories, industrial sites, sports fields, gas stations, parking lots, station halls, railway stations, ports installations and mobile light towers etc.

Comes in different Models and specifications:
Model: JR304-50W
Power(W): 50
EPI Number: 1
Luminous Flux(Lm): 6500/7500
N.W/G.W (KG): 3.0/3.8
Packing Size(mm): 515x240x205

Model: JR304-100W
Power(W): 100
EPI Number: 2
Luminous Flux(Lm): 13000/15000
N.W/G.W (KG): 4.5/5.2
Packing Size(mm): 515x310x205

Model: JR304-150W
Power(W): 150
EPI Number: 3
Luminous Flux(Lm): 19500/22500
N.W/G.W (KG): 5.8/6.5
Packing Size(mm): 515x380x205

Model: JR304-200W
Power(W): 200
EPI Number: 4
Luminous Flux(Lm): 26000/30000
N.W/G.W (KG): 7.9/8.9
Packing Size(mm): 515x450x205

Model: JR304-250W
Power(W): 250
EPI Number: 4
Luminous Flux(Lm): 32500/37500
N.W/G.W (KG): 8.9/7.9
Packing Size(mm): 515x450x205

Model: JR304-300W
Power(W): 300
EPI Number: 5
Luminous Flux(Lm): 39000/45000
N.W/G.W (KG): 10.4/11.8
Packing Size(mm): 515x515x205

Model: JR304-500W
Power(W): 500
EPI Number: 8
Luminous Flux(Lm): 65000/75000
N.W/G.W (KG): 15.4/16.9
Packing Size(mm): 800x450x205

Model: JR304-600W
Power(W): 600
EPI Number: 10
Luminous Flux(Lm): 78000/90000
N.W/G.W (KG): 18.5/20.0
Packing Size(mm): 800x530x205

LED Grow Light
US $400.00

Use CREE LED chips which are not only extremely powerful but they can produce the best spectrum for your indoor plants. High thermal conductivity aluminum alloy housing, active heat dissipation with fan. 380nm-780nm all usefull spectrum design. Modular design, easy maintenance. Equipped with dimming function, can adjust suitable lamp power consumption according to different growth environment.

It comes in diiferent models with different specifications:

Model: JR501-100W
Power(W): 100
EPI Number: 1
Luminous Flux: 10500
Product Size(mm): 220x220x100

Model: JR501-200W
Power(W): 200
EPI Number: 2
Luminous Flux: 21000
Product Size(mm): 540x180x90

Model: JR501-400W
Power(W): 400
EPI Number: 4
Luminous Flux: 42000
Product Size(mm): 450x450x100

Model: JR501-600W
Power(W): 600
EPI Number: 6
Luminous Flux: 63000
Product Size(mm): 550x550x100

LED High Bay Light
US $200.00

Ridge type aeronautical aluminum thermal structure, low thermal resistance, larger dissipation area, excellent performance of the dissipation. Fashion and elegant shape. High power integrated LED lamp. Premium LED exclusive drive power supply, Reliable performance and durability. Green environment, save energy. No mercury no UV, can replace the 150W-400W sodium light.

It comes in different models with different specifications:

Model: HL05-30
Power: 30W
Luminous Flux: 3000lm

Model: HL05-50
Power: 50W
Luminous Flux: 5000lm

Model: HL05-80
Power: 80W
Luminous Flux: 8000lm

Model: HL05-100
Power: 100W
Luminous Flux: 10000lm

Model: HL05-120
Power: 120W
Luminous Flux: 12000lm

Model: HL05-150
Power: 150W
Luminous Flux: 15000lm

The Outdoor Dual Sided-Light Box, with two sides, one side with LCD display, another side with Light Box.

The Outdoor Dual Sided-Light Box, with two sides, one side with LCD display, another side with Light Box. Satisfy customer’s different need. Meanwhile with the Anti-theft lock design. Attractive enough, beauty choice on Bus station, scenic spot and other public places. Double Sided display back to back, LCD display+Light box. High-brightness makes sure the display will always be seen whatever the weahter. Over 7-10times brighter than that of a standard domestic television to improve the displays image clarity in an outdoor environment. Beauty choice of Bus station and other applications.

Excellent quality second hand screen for sale cabinet size 500x500mm, Nova system.

P3.9 indoor rental screen, cabinet size 500x500mm, Nova system. SMD2121 Nationstar golden wire led lamp, 1200cd brightness,SUM2017 drivng IC, G-energy power supply. Total 20sqm in stock is ready for delivery, screen is 90% new condition, no dead lamp, all 100% working. the price including screen, flight case, receiving card and all necessary cables.